Hermit Studios Talking Pendulum Boards are a fun playful introduction to pendulum energy work.  They are not Ouija Boards, but rather a tool to be used to assist in connecting ourselves to the natural energy of the universe.

The pendulum offers personal access to a bridge between the conscious and intuitive parts of the mind, allowing a connection to wisdom and knowledge, often believed to be of Divine Source.

No one knows for certain how it is that a pendulum actually works, but the important thing is that it does indeed work!

As Thomas Edison said of electricity “I don’t know what it is, but it’s there!”


Hermit Jewelry About Hermit Studios

Although the uncanny accuracy of the pendulum might amaze you there are no psychic or magic abilities required to unleash the mystical power of pendulums.


Pendulum Talking Boards
Featuring original artwork from Hermit Studios.

Each Board measures 9” x 11” made of light weight durable birch wood, and comes complete with a pendulum, packaged in a clear bag with descriptive literature.

Retail Price $ 29.95 + applicable taxes and shipping.

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